Edinburgh Book Festival 2014

Joan launched her new book 'Trouble on Cable Street'.

Edinburgh Book Festival 2012

Joan launched her new book 'What Holly did next'  and talked about her about her 'Eleventh Orphan' trilogy.

An Interview with Joan Lingard

A video version of a recent interview with Joan is now available through this web site. In the interview Joan talks about her life, her work, and how she goes about the process of writing.

The Eleventh Orphan

The Eleventh Orphan has been shortlisted for four prizes:

  • The West Sussex Children's Book Award
  • The Lancashire School Libraries Award
  • The United Kingdom Literacy Award
  • The Scottish Royal Mail Award

What to do about Holly

What to do about Holly, published August 2009, has also been doing well. Below are a few quotes from reviews:

Mail on Sunday
Holly's feckless mother is secretly heading off on holiday, so leaves Holly on a train in the care of a woman Holly recognises as a children's author. But when her father fails to turn up at the other station, Holly is forced to spend time with the author's family, whose comfortable life is very different from her own.
It may have a contemporary social setting, but there's a timeless message in this poignant story of a lonely little girl who yearns for stability and love.

An excellent book that's not preaching or patronising... - By Sarah Hardcastle 
It's so cheering to find a children's novel which is a good, honest, straightforward story. There are no morals or messages - just a strong story about a girl whose parents have let her down badly. Holly's dad isn't there to meet her off the train as promised - so she is taken under the wing of a children's writer travelling on the same train. It's hard to tell which of them is more awkward about the situation. The novel follows the next two weeks while Holly and her host family get used to each other. And as they do, the truth about Holly's life is gradually revealed. The ending is more hopeful than happy - Holly is a character I'll find myself thinking about for some time, I'm sure. I'll be giving this novel to all the 9 to 13's I know.

A gentle, intelligent story about relationships and differing backgrounds.

One really feels for Holly's predicament and the human relationships are completely believable and unsentimental. There is an element of suspense and danger which keeps the reader gripped and the ending is ultimately hopeful. A very satisfying and engaging read.

The Scotsman
Joan Lingard's storytelling draws the reader in and her subtle descriptions of character and place are immediately engaging.

Lothian Life
In this, her 40th novel for children, Joan Lingard finds a fresh approach to the problem of abandoned children. Her children's novels have covered many topics that concern and frighten children and this is no exception... Without being judgmental or stereotypical, this is a story which brings out the best in characters, given time. Lothian Life