Trouble on Cable Street

London, 1936. Riots are brewing in the East End as a country broken by one war lives in fear of another. With one brother run away to fight for revolution in Spain and the other lured in by the increasingly powerful Fascist movement, Isabella is faced with a conflict of her own. As she battles to keep her family from falling apart, Isabella wonders what kind of a future she can hope for in a time where nothing is certain and trouble lurks on every corner.

Reviews of Trouble on Cable Street

‘An exceptionally timely book, with a hugely appealing heroine in Isabella. Joan Lingard has enormous talent for bringing to life the tensions of families under pressure, and the pain of divided loyalties. She tells a serious story with a light touch and great warmth.’ Lydia Syson, author of A World Between Us and That Burning Summer.

A review by Ellie, Year 9 History student:

‘Set in pre-world war two Britain, this is the story of a fourteen to fifteen year old girl, Isabella, with two older brothers, William and Arthur, one of whom leaves to join the army, and the other to join a fascist group.

It is simply the tale of a young teenage girl growing up in a changing world preparing for, and fearing, war. She fears for the lives of her family and friends, so there is also pain and suffering, as anyone would assume, but to each one dark cloud is a silver lining, which brings along with it more cheer for both the character and the reader along the way.

This book contains the panic of pre-war, when people who weren’t sure who to support, and Spain was at war, but at the same time it shows the good aspects of Britain in a time when people didn’t rely on technology, it shows the good aspects of what has now died out.

Though I cannot seem to find adequate words to describe this book, I know for certain that I fell in love with it. It’s a quick read, and impossible to put down, with engaging characters that have large personalities.’

‘A perfect example of how I think historical fiction should be done. It is engaging, fast paced and historically accurate, doing justice to the times and people involved.’ Kirsty Connor, The Overflowing Library Read Kirsty’s review here: http://www.overflowinglibrary.com/2014/08/review-trouble-on-cable-street-by-joan.html

‘A great story with a real connection with history and a very touching and deep storyline. Joan is a superb writer and I want to read more.’ Coco, age 10.

‘A gripping book that has excitement bursting from every page. Isabella is at the heart of it all.’ Billy, age 11.

‘If I had to describe it in three words they would be passionate, emotional and, best of all, extraordinary.’ Lalita, age 10.

‘It was bubbling with excitement and fresh ideas. We couldn’t put it down. A fabulous ending which made you want to read it all over again.’ Grace and Ella, age 10.

‘A great read with a gripping plotline. Its interesting and unstoppable characters seem to jump out of the pages.’ Rebecca, age 11.

‘An emotional book, full of excitement and adventure, that describes the tragic lives of families during the war. An amazing book.’ Mathilda, age 10.

‘Tears and laughter explode from every page. It was so gripping I couldn’t put it down.’ Julia, age 11.

‘The brilliant plotline and interesting characters make it so gripping you’ll never want to put it down. I loved how it showed during wars families can be torn apart.’ Marilyn, age 11.